Mistletoe? Might as well hang poop from your doorway


If a million dollars were riding on what connected kissing and excrement, would you know the answer and live out the rest of your life in poop trivia happiness? Before today, mistletoe was nothing more than a weird neighbor’s way of getting an awkward kiss from every girl at the holiday party. Now, you can make your unwelcomed smoocher as uncomfortable as his sloppy kiss by sharing this bit of trivia.

(Photo credit: Lamerie)

According to numerous sources, the word mistletoe derives from misteltān where the Angle-Saxon tān means twig. Mistel is believed by many online sources to mean dung, or excrement. In this translation, mistletoe would come to mean “poop on a twig,” and you wouldn’t be completely wrong.

More analytical sources find mistel is named for the bird, Mistle Thrush, who spread the seeds of various mistletoe plants by eating the berries and excreting the seeds onto tree branches causing the mysterious appearance of the plant.

The exact meaning and origin varies but surely sharing this information with Mom will stop the traditional berating to share a smooch under the poop twiq this Christmas.

Due to the seemingly mysterious appearance of the plant alongside your family’s favorite tire swing tree, many myths surround the parasitic plant. Viking legend holds it has the power to resurrect while British Druids believed it had healing powers such as fertility and protection from sorcery.

Mistletoe Kiss
Mistletoe Kiss (Photo credit: davis.jacque)

Like many traditions now common in Christmas celebrations, mistletoe was once part of pagan rituals. Berry plentiful plants would be harvested and enjoyed for their bright colors during the cold winter months. Some legends say a kiss would be shared for each berry on the spruce.

So, when you head to Grandma’s house this holiday season and inevitable find yourself under her strategically placed mistletoe with the “nice” neighbor she’s been bugging you about, just share your “poop twig” knowledge. It’s sure to set the appropriate mood this holiday season.


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