How-to enjoy Chritsmas and holiday gatherings with 3 tips

Beer Bread mix and dog treats gift set for the lovely neighbors
Homemade beer bread mix and dog treats gift set for the lovely neighbors

Counting down to my baccalaureate freedom, I am overwhelmed with the most important assignment of my educational career while I am distracted with dreams of Christmas morning mimosas, green bean casserole, and lots of buttery rolls.

My assignment is supposed to be a cumulative representation of what I’ve learned during my undergraduate work but focused on one distinct area of study and fulfill a minimum of 20 pages, all wrapped in a pretty red bow on December 29th.

Yes, you read that correctly. The Sunday sandwiched between Christmas and New Years’ I will be scrambling to put the finishing touches on what will determine if I get that $30,000 student loan piece of framed paper.

I don’t have a lot of holiday traditions established yet, but I enjoy baking and presenting my fine work to friends in hopes of earning another holiday stripe on my apron. I refuse to let my final degree requirement (and the emotionally unstable state it causes) rob me of this pleasure.

Intern Sherry's Christmas decor-2013
Intern Sherry’s Christmas decor-2013

As a bit of time insurance, I spent last Sunday snapping, boiling, blanching, and freezing 6lbs of green beans for the Worlds Best Green Bean Casserole from scratch thanks to A Veggie Venture blogger recipe from Alanna Kellogg of St. Louis.

I also pre-made the garlic dough for two dozen yeast rolls during which time I made my kitchen look more like a messy kindergarten art project.

On both camps, I still have tons to accomplish before the big day, but I hope my little preparations provide me some sane comfort as the day looms closer.

Holidays can be stressful and, at times, un-fulfilling. Here are 3 holiday tips to ensure you enjoy every minute and walk away with some holiday glow!

EAT. Eat and enjoy it. Don’t guilt yourself over that buttery roll (or 6 rolls, no judging) calling your name each time you return to the kitchen for another beverage (mimosas are my Christmas drink of choice!) Resolutions come after the holidays for a reason, let future you deal with that.

DON’T SHARE. Well, you can share your rolls but don’t over  indulge in self-pity. Holidays are stressful for everyone, even the overly excited amateur baker in the apron. Holiday parties are not the time to get some “support” for whatever drama is going on with you.

BE GRACIOUS. I know, you thought all that “thankful” stuff ended the moment you shuffled through the crowds on Black Friday. But now is the time to tell that friend you don’t see as often as you like that you appreciated the invite to the party, tell mom the care packages she keeps mailing you brightens your day, and tell your neighbor that watched your dog while you were away that it was such a blessing. Just because you appreciate these wonderful people doesn’t mean they know. Tell everyone how much they mean to you!

Beautiful December view at local restaurant, Di Trapani's Italian Bistro in Dixon, MO
Beautiful December view at local restaurant, Di Trapani’s Italian Bistro in Dixon, MO
Image Source: Di Trapani’s Facebook 



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