Technology is Evil?

We’ve all seen the mean tweets, trolling YouTube comments, and Facebook cyber bullying. Its the mean spirited actions of a few negatively affecting our youth in the masses, desperately trying to convince each of them they don’t measure up. I could link to many videos and articles showcasing the mental and physical harm caused by these comments shared online, but I truly believe at this point it only sensationalizes the problem instead of offering a solution.

"Technology has exceeded our humanity"

Many of us spend our day engulfed in so much self-hate and worry that we miss the beauty in everyday life and the kindness shared between strangers. We long to fill a void and feel connected yet we distract ourselves with worldly pursuits while overlooking the things that bring us true joy. We trick ourselves into believing a fulfilling life is made of the perfect career choices, the people we surround ourselves with, or aiming for specific achievements.

Closer self-evaluation reveals these are just the moving parts. Each part facilitating moments, that when noticed, bring us opportunities to find purpose. Think of how differently we view the world through each new experience, it shapes our perception and brings joy to things that in and of themselves are meaningless.

The internet is being used by so many people to facilitate change and taking notice of the inherit goodness of man. It ranges from large organizations raising money for charitable causes to a beginner blogger hoping to affect positive change by sharing her perspective.

A tweet inspired this piece today.

Jarrett Sleeper, a cast member on The Fine Bros online sitcom called My Music, tweeted, “It’s nice seeing a stranger smile so genuinely looking at their phone after some little text just came in. Not all technology kills us.”

Its moments like this that bring true value in life. He noticed another human being’s joy, a stranger at that, and appreciated its beauty.

I felt compelled to respond to him, someone I’ve never met, because the human experience is something that connects us. We recognize it in others are we are drawn to it. It’s in these moments we feel full of hope rather than loneliness.

We have to keep a hold of that feeling. Its easy to become tainted with the stresses of life and the pursuit of things that hold no true value.

And the beauty in all this is technology, that evil thing often distancing us, is also bringing us closer together if we can just take notice.

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Project for Awesome is a campaign organized by online creators to “Decrease World Suck” by raising awareness and funds to make a difference around the world. You can participate through a donation, spreading awareness for supported organizations, or sharing info about Project for Awesome. This is an organization I love!
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