Fault in Our Stars Author & Bill Gates talk vaccines

Youtuber and author of The Fault in Our Stars, John Green, spoke with Bill Gates about the power of vaccines on poverty in Ethiopia.


Green visited Ethiopia recently to learn more about healthcare improvements to lower disease and childhood mortality. As one of the poorest areas in the world, Ethiopia has continued to experience devastation from some of the most treatable conditions.

As Green reports, thousands of children have been saved thanks to the efforts of local community members taking charge of healthcare needs. Healthcare clinics  are easily accessible to the majority of populations in the area but with the establishment of healthcare posts in rural areas, healthcare essentials have become more accessible (See John’s other videos on the topic).

It is especially important to note that basic health education has scientifically proven to encouraged women to have less children and focus on prospering, thereby alleviating the poverty cycle.

However, Green provides one of the most empowering suggestions. Its one that applies to any charitable effort: it is imperative to not only include but fully collaborate with the host. For instance, the clinic highlighted in Green’s below video received donations of expensive, and needed medical equipment. However, it was designed for adults despite the fact the clinic exclusively serves newborns. It is important that donors are focused on need based giving, not useless giving for the sake of good public relations.

Charitable giving does not equal need, rather, charitable needs should be matched to available resources.

Learn more about the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, click here.

To check out more from John Green on YouTube, you can see his channel here.


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