Praising others creates a positive life

Throughout the last year, my professional life has been a struggle. Although sprinkled with gems shedding light on possibly amazing things to come, I think we can all relate to slumps in our motivation to keep forging ahead. Its becomes painfully obvious as your role as a leader becomes more apparent. We are all leaders, or at least all harness the power to become a leader.

The alarming thing is, many leaders don’t even know they are leaders. The unawareness of your leadership power, I believe, is where things often go array in a team. If we aren’t aware of our leadership role, how can we be aware of our power to influence? Influence is the most powerful tool. It can setup a team up for success or unrepairable failure.

Leaders are not always designated by a title. Often they are just people who have the right personality, network, experience, or some magical combination of these ingredients to magnify their vision among the team.

I encourage you to really reflect on your team dynamic. You’ll find you have a team full of leaders who may just need a little something extra to get the positive fuels flowing. And praising other may be the perfect addition.

Be sure to check out Marie’s video on the power of appreciation and subscribe to her channel at MarieTV for more amazing professional inspirations.


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