Um, Public Speaking?

A powerful speech can inspire people to change their minds or change their actions. On the other hand, a poor speech can cause symptoms of boredom and involuntary public sleeping. In both cases, the responsibility can be too much to bare. Unless, I suppose, you are speaking to a room full of insomniacs.

I was scheduled to speak to my Leadership Pulaski County class. I was elected Class President of the 2014-2015 class, a program hosted by the Waynesville-St. Robert Chamber of Commerce to develop, cultivate, and engage community leaders. As the Class President, I was expected to present a few words to the class, their guests, and many other successful community leaders at the graduation banquet. I was also voted the Queen of Questions! Wonder how that happened?

I was immensely excited and proud to have the opportunity to speak to a room full of attentive adults. I spent the last year working in youth programs so it was a nice change.

Like most events of personal growth requiring extensive preparation, this event came at the busiest time of my life. I was ending a year of service with AmeriCorps VISTA and transferring my projects to a new team, preparing for a big vacation to Ireland, and putting my house up for sale.

Needless to say, I was in a mental state of disarray. I reached out on twitter for some advice from the beautifully poised, Marie Forleo.

Marie sent me a link to How to Overcome Fear of Public Speaking w/Josh Pais. The tweet of support was more than enough to feel like I had someone in my corner, but I recommend you watch the amazing interview with Josh for tips on pushing through public speaking anxiety.

I prepared my speech on note cards, rehearsed it to the mirror multiple times, and got up extra early to enjoy some coffee and a sunrise on the big day.

Although, I still have a ways to go before becoming the world’s most inspirational speaker, I am happy my main points were delivered…and, I didn’t puke 😉

But, you will find an abundance of um’s

Applications for the 2015-2016 class of Leadership Pulaski County are due June 5, 2015. You can find out more about this amazing program at Leadership Pulaski County website.

Interested in this program but live out the Pulaski County area? Contact your local Chamber of Commerce to see if they participate in a similar leadership program and get involved in your community today!


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