Feelings Transcend Time: Virtual Internship Series (pt 1)

Welcome to my self-assigned and designed internship project: part serious self discovery, part ridiculous proof of failure. In any case, I am glad your here to witness history unfold. Side note: I didn’t promise you’d learn important historical facts to wow your friends at the pub’s trivia night, just that history is happening. And it is happening now.

Unemployment affects people in a multitude of ways. To prevent cycles of internalized self-pity, I am choosing to think outwardly by mastering new skills through creative and productive new endeavors.

The word choosing is very important to the former sentence because it empowers all of us to remember – what we do with our time is our choice.

My focus for this project includes filming, video, and audio editing projects while each week mastering a new skillset within this realm.

This is quite a huge undertaking because I hold no previous experience in any of these areas. I am learning only through trail-and-error and free tutorials found online.

Sunday, May 1oth marked the first day I executed a creative plan. I wrote a script, filmed a project, and edited the piece- and subsequently posted the project to YouTube.

Many of those close to me are quite confused. They don’t understand why I’m working on these projects. Many believe I am trying to become famous on YouTube.

This pursuit is more of a personal story of triumph than a goal to become famous.

I was held back from these interests only by the fear of judgement. So, no excuses. I’m doing it and you will care, or at least be mildly amused.

In my first week, I created and posted three projects: a tongue-in-cheek piece on the Life of an Intern, the first installment of an on-going series providing my perspective and tips on improving your professional life, and a deleted scenes reel.

In all three pieces, I aimed to master basic editing such as timing and audio. I learned a lot about the importance of writing the script and sticking to it but also the value of just spitting out comments on camera.

Speaking unabashedly provides your content great little nuggets to create depth and personality, most importantly, your personality.

Next, I am incorporating split screen and/or green screen editing into my project. Expect new videos on Wednesdays and consider subscribing to my channel for new content.

This week’s biggest success was posting my content publicly. Its a struggle I have grappled with for years, but its a personal victory I am so proud of.

Creating content in which you are the subject puts you in an extremely vulnerable place.

But, its quite an empowering feeling to overcome your self-created barriers. So many other parts of your life seem more attainable and manageable when you can overcome one thing, even if its small or seemingly unimportant. That’s the thing though, what gives life value?

We have a tendency to focus our attention to titles and measurable accomplishments, but when life ends our loved ones left behind aren’t focused on those things. We forget the details. We remember how we felt in a moment and how others made us feel. I wholeheartedly believe that feelings are our consciousness trying to imprint the moment on our mind, to hold onto this moment.

Feelings transcend time because they take us back to the moments that were the most pivotal.

This is why its important to focus on the moments that enrich our lives: helping others, pursuing real interests, and staying focused on the things that truly matter in life. This is why my internship project is important to me. It gives me the opportunity to be proud of something I created, something I overcame, and to share that with my friends even if they are a little confused.

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3 thoughts on “Feelings Transcend Time: Virtual Internship Series (pt 1)

  1. I can’t wait to watch your videos later!!! I love how you stressed choice. When you said that I immediately thought of the word Timshel, which means thou mayest. I discovered this word through the book East of Eden (which is my favorite, you should totally give it a read!). When you feel like quitting YouTube, always remember you made it for YOU! I always get so low when I see no one watches my videos that I worked so hard on. I’m so excited to see how you tackle split screen/green screen! I’ve never tried before!!

    1. I will definitely look into that book! I wrote a post about not creating for notoriety where I am trying to create, not for the benefit of people seeing/liking it, but for the hell of creating. Since we are all human, its a hard thing to grapple with. Of course we all want our art to be appreciated, I am trying to stay focused on that and not views. (although it remains a challenge) 🙂 Thanks for commenting!

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