I want your life to be difficult because you deserve it

My professional life has taken such an unexpected turn, and its redeveloping my goals and dreams. My new job is not what I expected, and it is more challenging than I could have imagine! However, I am more inspired than ever to keep learning and growing. I still have nonprofit goals, but this position has re-sparked my teenage dream of owning a business.

Since moving to Florida, I’ve meet so many successful self-employed people from writers, photographers (with drones!), videographers, to a creative lot of technical positions. I have SO many ideas. SO many. If I could encourage anyone to do anything, it would to keep exploring your interests.

Say YES more.

Doing the same thing will keep producing the same result so try something new and get uncomfortable. I am exhausted and uncomfortable everyday, but I keep feeling closer to where I am supposed to be going. I try my hardest not to complain much but I have to be honest. I have gotten a lot of criticism and raised eyebrows over the years for my seemingly spur of the moment professional adventures (while few of them actually are spur of the moment). While this has been a great way to weed out the negative people, its also served as a great opportunity to encourage others to reach for the things they really want but are too scared to try.

I have a few friends who ask how I keep finding great things because they seem to think I am “lucky” to find great opportunities. The truth is, I have a more failures than successes.

I am sure to have more failures in the future. It hurts. Its discouraging.

Please remember when you are looking at someone who “has” what you want, you are only seeing the good and are so sweetly overlooking all the obstacles they went through, over, under, or around to get to where they are now.

Basically, I want your life to be difficult because I want you to have everything you want.

You deserve it.


2 thoughts on “I want your life to be difficult because you deserve it

    1. Thanks Cassidy. I am missing youtube though! I am trying to figure out a good way to continue that project. I may have to alter my youtube goals to fit into my life. Did you see previous seasons of hitRECord are on netflix now? šŸ™‚ You need to update your resume/linkedin/everything/ get a sky writer!

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