Make a decision even if it means being terrible

You’re sleepy with little motivation to do anything other than press play on Netflix when it ask, “Are you still watching?” Whether your exhaustion is a result of the infinite amount of decisions you make throughout the day or just laziness, the effort spent toiling over a decision is often futile.

Should I apply?  Should I quit? Should I go to college? Should I go out tonight? Do I need better insurance coverage?

We love the will they/won’t they scenario. It’s the reason RomCom’s will live on forever. Just like a RomCom, the question usually has only two outcomes. You will. Or you will not.

My advice- when you realize all the best parts of the movie were in the trailer or you’re too lost to make a decision, just dive in head first! But, beware. If you make a decision you have to commit wholeheartedly.

If you are going to apply, pull out all your best material for that application. If you decide not to go out tonight with friends, don’t mope around in guilt.

The hurdle isn’t the problem but rather the hesitation before the jump.

Don’t waste your energy on the decision process. Be deliberate and economical with your efforts and have faith in your abilities.



2 thoughts on “Make a decision even if it means being terrible

  1. I love how your posts always seem to come to me at the most relevant time. I’m having a really tough time deciding if I should switch my major! I think about my college experience constantly. It truly is exhausting!!

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